Shimmering Potion Drinks Tutorial

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The drink at the Narnia Trunk or Treat looked decidedly frosty and magical, and you won't believe how easy it is to make such and impressive beverage.

This started out as clear blue Kool-Aid!  I wish I'd taken a video, because it swirls and shimmers so gorgeously with the slightest agitation, and looks SO COOL.

I got the idea from The Flavor Bender, who made shimmering alcoholic drinks using this technique.  My version is kid-friendly, but follows the same general instructions.

Materials for Making Frosty, Shimmering, Magical Potion Punch:

  • Blue drink of some sort (I used Kool-Aid)
  • luster dust (typically used for cake decorating, buy it here)

All you need to do is mix in a little bit of the luster dust in the liquid.  It spreads out and suspends absolutely gorgeously.  The shimmer does settle to the bottom after a while, but you get a surprisingly long-lasting shimmer effect.  Mine lasted 20 minutes at least.

I think you can safely say that you'll be seeing me use this technique  in any party that's even vaguely magical in nature.  Halloween, Harry Potter, Fairies...  It's too much fun and too easy to pass up!

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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