Strawberry Picnic First Birthday

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All teh sweet details from a Strawberry Picnic themed first birthday.  Strawberry invitations, strawberry party decorations, and of course, lots of strawberry desserts.

Strawberry Picnic Birthday invitations that look like baskets of strawberries.

My youngest daughter, Niamh (say NEEV, it's Irish), is almost two years old! I'm in the last minute throes of party planning for her bash this Saturday, and realized that I wasn't yet blogging when she had her first birthday last year. So to build the anticipation for the coming event, I present Niamh's First Birthday--A Strawberry Picnic.

White milk glass compote filled with fresh strawberries on a red and white checkered tablecloth.

At that age, it's all about the parents, so we viewed the birthday as an excuse to have our friends over and decorate with a cute theme. I'd decorated Niamh's nursery in a Strawberry Picnic theme, so already had a number of good props to use, like the letters spelling out her name.

Calico red and white cake on a round table at the Strawberry Picnic birthday party.
I built a wood-fired pizza oven in our backyard (while I was pregnant with Niamh, in fact), so we already had a number of red-checked tablecloths for when we entertain in Italian style. They were perfect for the picnic theme.

Calico inspired birthday cake at the Strawberry Picnic birthday party.

I was especially proud of the cake, and was very happy with how it turned out.
Calico fabric inspired birthday cake at the Strawberry Picnic birthday party.
You can hardly even tell that it fell flat on its side while I was trying to take photographs earlier that morning!
This was actually the second time I've made this cake. The first time was about six years ago. I had never decorated a cake before, but my husband was on a business trip, and I saw the most gorgeous calico-fabric-inspired cake on the cover of Martha Stewart Weddings. I fell in love, and impulsively decided that I was going to make it. I went to the craft store, bought some tools, and started baking.
I was so proud of that first cake! I thought it looked amazing! And looking back at the pictures now, I cringe. It was awful. Really, really awful.
Terrible looking version of the calico inspired cake.
See? I told you! So getting to do this cake design, which I've always loved so much, over again felt like a chance at redemption. (Photography has obviously also improved over the past few years!)
Favors were homemade strawberry jam (made by me under the guidance of my jam-making friend Liz) and macarons (graciously made by my pastry-chef mother).
Homemade strawberry jam favors at the Strawberry Picnic birthday.
Strawberry macarons in red and white gingham lined green plastic strawberry baskets at the Strawberry Picnic birthday.
I made strawberry bunting out of felt, and tried my hand at floral arranging for the first time. I used strawberry baskets I bought off eBay for both the favors and the flowers. They were the perfect touch!
White flowers in green plastic strawberry baskets above a felt strawberry garland.
Red and white flower arrangements in green plastic strawberry baskets at the Strawberry Picnic birthday.
I also made a strawberry-shaped pinata for the kids. Thankfully, strawberries are pretty much balloon shaped. A little paint, glitter, and green crepe paper, and we had the perfect pinata. I should add glitter to all pinatas. It looked seriously awesome hanging there in the sun.
Pinata that looks like a giant, glitter covered strawberry at the Strawberry Picnic birthday.
Little girl swinging at the strawberry piñata at the Strawberry Picnic birthday.
The weather here in Phoenix can be either gorgeous or wickedly hot in May. Of course, the weather crested 100 degrees for the party. I called all our guests, told them to bring bathing suits for the kids, and set up kiddie pools, sprinklers, and water balloons.
Little boy throwing a water balloon from a silver bowl.
The adults got to sit in the shade with a misting fan--very effective!
Pizza being made in a wood fired pizza oven.
Of course we made pizza in our WFO--that's what we always do when we feed a crowd. The pizzas cook in 90 seconds in that 900 degree oven!
And it wouldn't be a first birthday without a baby covered in cake.
One year old eating a piece of strawberry cake at the Strawberry Picnic first birthday.
The celebration continued long into the night, well after the birthday girl had been put to bed.
People moving around a wood fired pizza oven at night.
I can hardly believe she's already turning two! My entire dining room and kitchen are completely taken over with party prep for this celebration, and I cannot wait to share it with all of you.
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