Unicorn Gift Bag Tutorial

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Make your gift even more magical by giving it in a unicorn gift bag.  It also makes an amazing unicorn party favor bag.  It's made with just a few craft supplies and a plain white paper bag.

Unicorn Gift bag made out of a plain white paper gift bag, with a flower and rhinestone mane, glittery horn, paper ears, and sparkling tulle sticking out of the bag.

Welcome to Day Three of Unicorn Week!  (In case you missed the previous days, here are the unicorn cookies and unicorn cupcake tutorials from earlier in the week.)  Today, I'm showing you how to make a magical unicorn gift bag out of a plain white gift bag.

It's a masterpiece, right?  Ok, maybe "masterpiece" is going a bit far.  But I still really like it.

Overhead view of materials for Unicorn gift bag, including plain white gift bag, pink and white paper, golden paper, silk flowers, glitter, rhinestones, and a sharpie marker.

Materials for Unicorn Party Favor Bag:

  • pink and white paper
  • gold paper
  • gold glitter
  • low temperature glue gun
  • artificial flowers
  • rhinestones
  • colored marker
  • plain white gift bag

Photo showing the assembly of the paper unicorn ears for the unicorn gift bag.

I made the ears out of white paper (just plain white printer paper, though you could use cardstock) and light pink cardstock.  I cut two ear shapes out of the white paper, cut slightly smaller versions out of the pink paper, and glued the two together.  I then folded the two bottom corners of the ear toward the middle, and glued them in place.

Gold paper layered on cardstock, with a unicorn horn sketched on the gold paper with a sharpie marker, and a container of glitter beside it.

I didn't have any gold paper, but I did have some gold wrapping paper, so I glued the wrapping paper to cardstock to give it some rigidity.  If you had gold cardstock or even that sparkly craft foam, you wouldn't need to do this first step.

Once I had my gold paper attached to the cardstock base, I simply drew a unicorn horn.  My eight year old self would be very ashamed of how out of practice I've become at drawing unicorn horns, but though it's not perfect, it still totally works.  ;-)  If you're out of practice, too, I made a free printable unicorn horn template for you!

Printable Unicorn Horn Template

Glitter outline being glued on a sparkly gold paper unicorn horn for the unicorn party favor bag.

I cut the horn shape out, and then added glitter over the drawn lines.  I used my low temperature hot glue gun to glue the glitter to the horn.  Not only does it dry/cool very quickly, but I like the dimension it gives the project.  I'm also loving the super chunky glitters right now.  If you look closely, you can see  that it's even heart-shaped glitter!  

New Unicorn Horn Tip:

  • I have subsequently discovered that it's easier to just use golden glitter foam sheets instead of layering gold wrapping paper and card stock to make the unicorn horn.  
  • Still use the hot glue and the chunky glitter, though, because that makes the unicorn horn completely awesome!

Unicorn party favor bag in the process of being assembled, with the horn and ears attached, and silk flowers and rhinestones scattered around the bag.

I then glued the ears and horn to the inside of the front of the gift bag.

Close up of the DIY unicorn party favor bag, with a golden glittery horn, silk flower and rhinestone mane, paper ears, and glittery tulle inside the bag.

I never use artificial flowers in my home decorating, but I do buy them on sale and pull them off their stems and use them for craft projects!  When you pull the silk flowers off their stems, the stamens usually come off, too, so I used some inexpensive rhinestones from my kids' craft supplies stash for the centers of the flowers.

Unicorn Party Favor Bag made from a plain white paper gift bag, featuring a glittery golden horn, silk flower and rhinestone mane, and glitter tulle instead of tissue paper.

I drew on the simple eyes with a pink marker, and filled the bag with sparkly pink tulle instead of the standard tissue paper used to fill gift bags.  It's not really any more expensive than buying tissue paper, it's definitely no harder to do, and it looks so fancy!

Unicorn party favor bag made out of a plain white paper gift bag, with a flower and rhinestone mane, glittery horn, paper ears, and sparkling tulle sticking out of the bag.

These would make fabulous gift bags for a unicorn birthday party, or are the perfect way to give a gift to a unicorn-loving friend.

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