Unicorn Cupcakes Tutorial

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I declare this week to be Unicorn Week!  Because we all need a little magic in our lives, and also, I got to make these fun unicorn cupcakes for my friend's daughter's birthday party.

The last time I did a unicorn birthday party, it was for my eldest daughter's fifth birthday, and it was before I was blogging.  I definitely didn't get all the unicorny goodness out of my system with just that party.

I was so excited to make these cupcakes...  and couldn't help myself and made several other fun projects, too.  You'll just have to keep coming back for the rest of the week to find out just what kind of unicorn themed crafts I made.

Look at the super cute way my friend displayed the cupcakes, too!  A rainbow of mini gummi bears filling a plastic wine glass.  (The kids were super adorable at the party, taking turns toasting the birthday girl with their glasses full of gummi bears.)

Want to know how to make unicorn cupcakes like this yourself?  Head to Page Two for the tutorial with all the details.


Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido