Easy Watermelon Garland and Straws Tutorial

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Watermelon Garland and Paper Straw Decorations Tutorial

These sweet slices of watermelon were the perfect decorative touch at the watermelon pool party.

Materials for making paper watermelon party embellishments:

Cut circles of the pink and green cardstock (any size you want--just make the pink interior circle a bit smaller than the green circle.

Glue the pink cardstock circle in the center of the green circle.

Draw little squiggles on the visible section of the green circle to make the watermelon rind.  Add some black seeds to the center pink circle.

Cut the circle in half to make each watermelon slice, and glue to the baker's twine to make a garland.

Or you can glue the slices to striped paper straws to add a quick and festive touch to your watermelon themed party.

So cute, right?  And it only takes seconds.  Easy, custom, and quick--my favorite kind of party craft.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido