Creepy Potions Bottles with Free Printable Labels and a Halloween Blog Hop

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Are you ready for some amazing, spooky Halloween fun??  I'm participating in an incredible Halloween Blog hop with more than 110 other bloggers to create tutorials for everything you could possibly need or want for Halloween!

For my contribution to this amazing collection of tutorials, I'm going to show you how to make these eerie potion bottles, and I'm even linking up free printables of the labels I made so it'll be even easier for you!

I used food coloring designed for airbrushes for the black potions, and it looked seriously cool distributing into the water in the bottle!  I wish I could have suspended it like that somehow!


Within a few minutes, the color had pretty evenly spread through the water.  Still cool.

You can see that a few drops didn't make a pure black--more of a desperately deep brown.  Very spooky and awesome.

Now, are you ready for all the detailed instructions and free printable labels?  Head to the next page for the full tutorial!

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido