Three Simple Felt Flower Tutorials

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I started out deciding to write a tutorial on how to make these unicorn horn headbands from the My Little Pony party:

And fear not, I WILL write that tutorial, but I realized that I had to teach you how to make the felt flowers first, and doing it all in one blog post would be just too much.  So today is all about the super easy felt flowers.  Three types of them, in fact.

Basic Felt Flower Tutorial:

To make a basic layered petal felt flower, start by cutting a square of felt.  Fold into quarters.  

Two sides of the folded square will have folds, two will have raw edges.  Trim the folded square into a petal shape, but be careful not to cut that folded point--it will become the center of the flower and hold everything together.

Don't worry about getting the individual layers of petals to look good.  Really.  All of mine look like deformed butterflies, but when you layer a few of them, especially if you kind of pinch the middles as you glue them together with hot glue, they look fabulous.  

Simple Spiral Rose Felt Flower Tutorial:

Cut a circle of felt.  Don't worry if it's not a perfect circle.  Cut the circle into a spiral, but make the cut line kind of wavy.  

Start coiling the felt up at the end on the outside of the circle.  Once it's all coiled, put a blob of hot glue on the bottom of the coiled felt and glue the last bit of felt (the part that was at the center of the spiral) to the bottom of the rose.

Small coiled roses also make great flower centers for the basic petal flower in the tutorial above, too.

Easy Felt Carnation or Mum Felt Flower Tutorial:

Cut a long rectangle of felt.  Fold in half, so you have an even skinnier long rectangle of felt.  Use scissors to cut the felt along the fold, being careful not to get too close to the edge of the the felt.  You don't want to cut all the way through and make lots of chibbles--you just want to make horizontal slits in the rectangle of felt.

Keeping the rectangle of cut felt folded in half, start coiling the felt from one end (it doesn't matter which end for this flower).  Use a hot glue gun to secure as you go along.

These are the only kinds of flowers I used to make my unicorn horn headbands.

But there are SO many other lovely kinds of felt flowers out there!  Here are some tutorials for other styles of felt flowers I found:

Heart Flowers by Sugar Bee Crafts

Easy Stacked Flowers by Much Ado About Nothing

Folded, Full Felt Flowers by Lia Griffith

Gathered Felt Flower Tutorial by Do the Small Things with Love

Felt Dahlia Tutorial by It's the Little Things

Use any of these tutorials (or one of the many more out there!) to create all sorts of fabulous crafts--and, of course, completely awesome unicorn horns.  I'll have all the info you need to make those floral unicorn horn headbands on the blog tomorrow.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido