Luna Lovegood Inspired Sugar Cookies

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No tutorial this time, but I wanted to share the sugar cookies I made for the Luna Lovegood themed birthday party.

Stars and moons and crystals, in dreamy, pastel watercolor colors, and with real gold leaf flecks.  I think Luna would approve.

Here's a shot of the cookies by the fabulous Nicole Gould of Million Dollar $mile Celebrations, who conceived of, threw, and photographed the Luna Lovegood birthday party.

Here's another shot of the birthday party from Nicole.  GORGEOUS, right?  If I can't have Nicole as my mom, I guess I'll be happy just having her as my inspirational, amazingly talented friend.

In case you missed the earlier party details and tutorials, be sure to check out the Sprinkle Potion Cupcakes and the Luna Lovegood Wands.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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