Magical Sprinkle Potion Bottle Cupcakes for the Luna Lovegood Party

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Yesterday I showed you how I made Luna Lovegood inspired magic wands for my friend Nicole's daughter's party, and today is all about the magical sprinkle potion cupcakes.

This is another one of Nicole from Million Dollar $mile Celebrations' fabulous ideas--I just implemented it and she graciously let me share it with you here.

The idea was so simple and brilliant.  Plain, basic cupcakes, topped with miniature potion bottles full of sprinkles, so the kids could decorate their own cupcakes at the party!

Here's one of Nicole Gould's photos from the Luna Lovegood party.  So dreamy and perfect in every way!  

Ready for the full tutorial and all the details?  Head to page two.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido