Tiny Chocolate Marshmallow Mushrooms for a Woodland Party

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Learn how to make chocolate mushrooms with this incredibly easy tutorial.   These easy chocolate mushrooms are the perfect no bake treat for any woodland party or fairy birthday.

Collage of chocolate mushrooms images optimized for Pinterest.

Woodland parties and cute little polka-dot toadstools just seem to go together, don't they?

Chocolate mushrooms made with mini marshmallows, chocolate melts, and sprinkles, on a mossy green surface.

I thought about making meringue mushrooms for our Little Red Riding Hood picnic, but I'd done that before for the Cornish Fairy Party.  

Little boy wearing wolf ears eating a chocolate mushroom.

And then it hit me: red chocolate melting wafers are already the perfect shape of toadstool caps!

Materials for making chocolate mushrooms

Materials for Miniature, No Bake Chocolate Mushrooms:

Chocolate mushrooms being assembled

Skewer a mini marshmallow on a toothpick, letting the top of the toothpick stick out above the top of the marshmallow ever so slightly.

Dab a bit of light corn syrup on top of the marshmallow to act as glue, and carefully push the tip of the toothpick into the center of the flat underside of the red chocolate melting disk.

Sprinkles being added to the top of a chocolate mushroom to look like polka dots.

Use a toothpick or a clean, food-safe paint brush to dab tiny dots of light corn syrup on top of the chocolate toadstool cap.  Sprinkle white nonpareils on top of the corn syrup (they'll stick right on and make the perfect little white polka dots).

red and white chocolate mushrooms drying on a foam disk.

Let dry.

Chocolate Mushrooms displayed by a squirrel sugar cookie.

And then sprinkle them around your woodland scene!  I put them in my DIY moss-covered foam treat displays, but they'd be great on cakes or cupcakes, too.

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