Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gift Bag or Favor Bag Tutorial

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Turn a plain white gift bag into a fabulous Valentine's day gift bag bedecked with a bunch of heart-shaped balloons with just some scrapbook paper and string.  This Valentine's day goodie bag tutorial is sure to woo your Valentine.

Of course, this technique doesn't have to be just for Valentine's day.  You could use circles instead of hearts and make an adorable birthday gift bag.  But today, it's all about the Valentines.

I used an ombre pack of pink cardstock I bought at my local craft store, and I love the way the different coordinated pinks look together.  

I can't decide if I like the valentine favor bags better with the red or the white tissue paper.  So we're doing both for my daughter's classmates.

Materials for Valentine Balloons Gift Bag Tutorial

Cut a bunch of hearts out of all of the pink papers.

Cut a rough teardrop shape of paper roughly the size you want the bunch of balloons to be.  Use a low temperature hot glue gun to attach the hearts to the teardrop-shaped base paper, starting at the wide top and working down to the point.

Tie three or four short lengths of baker's twine together at one end (more gets too bulky).  Glue the knot to the bottom right side of the front face of the gift bag.  Glue the ends of the strings near the top left corner of the gift bag.  Don't worry about being too precise about this, because it's going to be hidden.

Glue the bunch of paper heart balloons over the strings at the top of the bag.

Fill with goodies for your sweetheart or your friends.

If you want an even easier Valentine's day gift bag, I love how the bag looked with a simple progression of pink hearts, all in a line, too.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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