Gorgeous Geode Sugar Cookies Tutorial

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My dear friend Liz moved away two years ago, but she recently came back for a visit.  She's always been my biggest fan and supporter, so I decided to make her some special sugar cookies.  She doesn't get to enjoy all my experiments and leftovers now that she's several states away, after all.  I've been wanting to try making geode crystal cookies for a while, and thought this was a perfect opportunity.

Collage of sugar cookies that look like crystal geodes, optimized for Pinterest

Purple geode crystal cookies, because purple is Liz's favorite color.

turquoise and purple geode sugar cookies spelling out "Liz Rocks" on a white marble surface.

I made a few standard geode slice type cookies, but then went full-on-punny and made some "Liz Rocks" sugar cookies, too. I didn't have a full alphabet of cookie cutter letters, so I just hand-cut them out with a sharp knife.  I figure geodes should look organic and kind of wonky, right?

One large blue crystal geode sugar cookie, and one smaller purple geode sugar cookie to its left, both on white marble surface.

I even liked that the knife kind of made  ragged, cracked edges to the cookies when I cut the dough, because I thought it looked more like the rough exterior of a geode that way.  

Three geode sugar cookies made with painted rock sugar crystals, one blue and two purple, on a white marble surface.

And look, I made a video tutorial for you, too!  Check the top of the page.

Sparkling Sugar Cookie Geodes Tutorial:

Three geode sugar cookies made from rock sugar crystals painted with food coloring, one blue and two purple.

Materials for Sugar Cookie Geodes:

Sugar cookie dough cut into 6 oblong, irregular shapes, four of which have a hole in the center, on a parchment sheet on a cookie sheet.

Roll out the sugar cookie dough (you could even use store bought sugar cookie dough) and use a sharp paring knife to cut oval and oblong shapes.  Cut the centers out of some of the cookies, and press the dough down so that it's thinner toward the center hole.  Bake cookies according to directions and let cool.

Blue, purple, and clear rock crystal sugar candies on a white marble surface.

I experimented with colored rock candy and just plain clear/white rock candy crystals, and using the smaller, loose, uncolored candy crystals turned out to be WAY easier and way better looking than the pretty pre-colored crystals.

Crushed blue rock candy in a ziplock bag, metal meat mallet on top of the bag, two white bowls with crushed clear and purple rock candy crystals to the right.

The rock candy on sticks worked better than the larger rock candy on string, if that's all you have around.  It was easy to break apart the crystals, but it was SO hard to get all the string out of the pieces.  My recommendation?  Stick to the lose, uncolored crystals and add the color later.

Bowls of rock candy crystals above two sugar cookies iced with white royal icing and clear sugar crystals embedded in the icing.

Use piping consistency icing (thicker, not flooding consistency), and embed the rock crystals in the royal icing.  Let dry.

watercolor painting palette with blue and purple food coloring being used as paint, paintbrush, and three painted geode cookies

When the royal icing on the cookies has dried, thin food coloring with some vodka or everclear (you could use water, but the alcohol evaporates much more quickly and works better) and paint the clear crystals to turn them into colorful geodes.  With this kind of watercolor style food coloring painting, the colors blend gorgeously, and it's easy to make cookies with beautiful ranges of color.

watercolor painting palette with blue and purple food coloring being used as paint, paintbrush, and 9 painted geode cookies

I ended up liking the cookies with larger holes in the center than the ones with smaller holes.  I didn't expect that, but I'll be sure to remember that the next time I make these.

watercolor painting palette with food coloring and four painted geode sugar cookies, two blue, two purple.

Who rocks your life?  That person deserves a cookie, doesn't she?

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