How to Make Felt Acorn Napkin Rings for Thanksgiving

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One of my very favorite elements from the Harvest Rehearsal Dinner photo shoot was the simple felt acorn napkin ring craft I created.  It was so simple, so quick, but added such a lovely touch to the table setting.

How to Make Felt Acorn Napkin Rings


Step one, make or purchase felt acorns.  They're incredibly easy to make, and I shared my tutorial for making felt acorns over at Catch My Party yesterday.  But if you want to skip this step, you can buy felted wool acorns pre-made.  

Next, you'll need to make the actual ring portion of the napkin ring.  I love working with this floral wire that's designed to look like a grape vine.  The brand I bought from Michaels is called Naturally Wired Vigne Metallique.  It can be found in the floral section of any major craft store, along with the other floral wires, floral foams, and other products for doing floral arrangements. 

To make the napkin ring, simply unwind a 12"-18" long  segment of the floral wire, and wrap it in a circle.  I found it very easy to wrap the wire around the first three fingers of my hand three times to get the perfect sized napkin ring.  

Finally, all you need to do is use a hot glue gun to attach two or three felt acorns to your vine napkin ring.  

Making the acorns is the most time consuming part of this process.  Once those are done, it only takes a minute or two to assemble each napkin ring.  


Love the napkin rings but just not feeling crafty?  You're in luck!  I sell them in my Etsy store.


Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido