Faux Birch and Fur Rustic Napkin Rings Tutorial

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I loved how my faux birch placemats turned out, and I had tons of extra birch wrapping paper left over, so I decided to play around and come up with a matching rustic napkin ring design.

I love making napkin rings!  I hardly ever actually use them, but I love gorgeous napkin rings, so I'd rather make them myself than spend a lot of money on a set of napkin rings that hardly ever come out of the china cabinet.

Faux Fur and Birch Napkin Rings Materials:

First, I cut the toilet paper tube into rings, so I'd have something on which I could glue my decorations.  I'd originally imagined a different type of fake fur fabric, but I had this faux sherling in my fabric stash, and I'm completely in love with how it looks with the birch paper.

I cut a strip of fabric slightly wider than my cardboard ring base, and long enough to wrap entirely around the toilet paper tube.  

I also cut a strip of birch wrapping paper long enough to wrap around the tube, and folded in the raw edges to create a clean, smooth look.

Then it was a simple matter to glue the fur the cardboard ring (I tucked the raw edges inside the cardboard ring and glued them down in there), and the strip of birch paper on top of the fur.

It really was as easy as that!  Just a couple minutes, plus materials I already had on hand, and I had a set of fabulous rustic napkin rings for my holiday table.

Now I think I want some red napkins to go with them, so it shows off the fur accents even better.

I haven't even started thinking about what I'm going to cook for Thanksgiving, but at least I know my table is going to look great!

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