The Easiest Homemade Strawberry Jam Tutorial

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Homemade jam is something really special--so much better than most of what you can buy commercially.

And if you make freezer jam, it's even easier.  I'll tell you a secret, too:  I actually prefer the taste of freezer jam to traditional jam.  It's bright, fruity, and tastes like spring in a jar when you pull it out of your freezer the following winter.  

This isn't strictly a tutorial on how to make freezer jam.  That's super easy, and I just follow the directions on the package of freezer jam pectin, after all.  But I do want to share my technique for you that takes making freezer jam from just simple to insanely fast and easy.

Freezer jam pectin is available in most major grocery stores.  I started with four cups of sliced up fruit, just like the package instructed me.

But here's where I take a slight detour from the instructions, which simply say to smash the berries, sugar, and pectin together with a potato masher.  I don't like potatoes, so I don't have a masher, so I had to improvise the first time I made jam.  I threw it all in my Kitchenaid mixer and gave it a whirl for a few seconds.

In about a minute, I ended up with absolutely perfectly mixed and mashed strawberries.  Still nice chunks left, but lots of good puree as well.  The Kitchenaid does a brilliant job of smashing the berries.  When I was making jam favors for my daughter's Strawberry Picnic birthday party, my jamming-expert friend Liz came over to help me.  She was initially dubious when I put my berries in the Kitchenaid bowl, but a moment later, she was a complete convert, and she's been making jam this way ever since.

All that's left is to ladle the jam into freezer jars (leave a little head-room for expansion!) and pop in the freezer to enjoy in the months ahead.

May I suggest on some buttery, tender scones?  

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido