White Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe

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I've been wanting to come up with a white chocolate variation of my homemade hot cocoa mix for a while now, but I had no luck finding any powdered form of white chocolate, so I was stumped.

Until I got a brilliant tip from Homemade Ginger:  Freeze and grind white chocolate for the mix!  Megan has a recipe for white hot chocolate mix, too (in the link), but I love my hot chocolate mix so much that I wanted to use her technique to make my own white cocoa mix recipe.

White Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe Ingredients:

Put all the ingredients together in a food processor (love my Cuisinart) and blend until everything turns into an even, fine powder.

Freezing the white chocolate ahead of time makes it easier to grind up into miniscule, easily meltable and mixable pieces.  And blending it with the powdered ingredients makes it harder for the chunks of chocolate to stick together as they get cut.  They get coated with the powder, and don't clump together.  It works perfectly.

Just like with my regular hot cocoa mix recipe, fill the bottom third of the cup with the mix, and fill with hot water.  Stir to mix thoroughly.

Next, I'm planning to add a few drops of peppermint extract to make a peppermint white hot chocolate mix!  I'd just use the same technique I used for making my mint flavor Mixie Sticks hot cocoa mix-ins a few years ago.  There's something just so good about white chocolate with mint.

What flavors would you add in?  Pumpkin spice? 

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido