Free Printable Harry Potter Valentine's Day Card

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I'm having fun coming up with DIY Valentine's day ideas this year, and I even made a free printable Harry Potter Valentine's day card for you!

Harry Potter themed printable valentine with a yellow lightning bolt, miniature wand, and LED finger lights

It even lights up and has a mini wand!

Two small, one large Harry Potter printable valentines with the text "You are the lumos in my life"

I also made more traditionally sized small, basic versions of the valentine, too.

Close up of LED fiber optic finger light appearing to come out of the tip of a miniature wand on a Harry Potter printable valentine

But the fiber optic finger lights make a fun, non-candy little toy to give along with the valentines.  I bought mine in a 3-pack at the dollar store, so it's pretty inexpensive.

LED Fiber Optic Light Up Harry Potter Valentine Tutorial (with Free Printable Cards)

Printable Harry Potter LED Light up valentine on a background that looks like hogwarts.

Who provides the magical light in your life?  Those people definitely need one of these Harry Potter light up valentines.

Harry Potter scrapbook paper, printed sheets of valentines, LED fiber optic finger lights, spray paint, and bamboo skewers on a black chalkboard background.

Materials for Light Up Harry Potter Printable Valentines:

Hand holding a broken bamboo skewer with hot glue covering the broken end of the skewer.

You've seen those awesome tutorials for turning chopsticks into magic wands using hot glue and paint, right?  I adapted that technique on a small scale to make my miniature wands.  Break the bamboo skewer to whatever length you like, use the hot glue to create a handle.  Once the glue is dry, spray paint the miniature magic wand.

Printable Harry Potter valentine trimmed and framed with harry potter scrapbook paper.

Print out the free printable Harry Potter valentines (large size for this tutorial).  Trim to size and back with Harry Potter themed scrapbook paper (optional, but it makes all the difference).

Harry Potter Printable Valentine (Large Version):

Two LED finger lights, one slipped in a slit on the back side of a harry potter valentine's day card.

Cut a slit in the valentine and slip the fiber-optic portion of the finger lights through the slit in the back.  Use a dab of hot glue or some tape to secure the finger light in place.

Harry Potter Printable Valentine (Small Version):

grid of printable Harry Potter valentines

I also made a smaller version to print and make just very simple Harry Potter valentines.  There are six to a page of the small ones, two to a page of the large ones.

Two small printable Harry Potter valentines on a background that looks like hogwarts.

Still cute and perfect for those Harry Potter fans!  The scrapbook paper pack I used comes with papers in all four house colors, so you could have fun "sorting" all your classmates into different houses.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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