Gorgeous Fall Wreath Sugar Cookies Tutorial

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These fall sugar cookies are decorated to look like beautiful autumn wreaths, but they're entirely edible (and delicious)!  The miniature fall leaves are made from wafer paper, and the rest of the fall wreath cookie decorations are just royal icing and sprinkles.

Sugar cookies decorated to look like fall wreaths.

I made these cookies in the Give A Friend A Cookie campaign, organized by Bridget from Bake at 350.

Two fall wreath sugar cookies on a white marble background

I decided to make something special for my friend Liz.  Let her know that I love her, and care for her, and think of her.  I'll never sell any of my baked goods, but I do love to give them to the people I love.  

Fall Wreath Sugar Cookie Decorating Tutorial:

Four fall leaf wreath decorated sugar cookies on a white marble background.

These cookies are destined for my friend Liz in Texas.  We in warmer climates need to manufacture our own fall colors sometimes.

Sugar cookies iced with white icing, and being painted with food coloring using watercoloring techniques.

Start by icing your cookie with a base coat of white royal icing.  Let dry.

Once dry, mix gel food coloring and vodka or everclear together to create a food coloring liquid that will work like watercolors.  Paint the white surface of the cookie, and let dry.  This part will dry very quickly if you use alcohol to dilute the food coloring.

Small edible fall leaves made from wafer paper and sprinkles in fall colors.

Before the next step, get sprinkles in fall colors ready, and make some miniature, edible fall leaves out of wafer paper.  You can make the edible leaves weeks, months--probably years--in advance.  Whenever you make them, get them ready for the next step with icing.

Sugar cookies being decorated to look like fall wreaths, complete with edible wafer paper fall leaves.

Tint some royal icing brown for a rustic, grapevine style wreath.  Pipe the brown icing in squiggly, overlapping lines around the perimeter of the cookie.  While the icing is still wet, sprinkle lightly with nonpareils in various fall colors to mimic fall berries.  Tuck the edible wafer paper leaves in the icing grapevine wreath.

Four fall wreath sugar cookies on a white marble surface.

Now, it's your turn.  Bake, and spread the joy.  Who are you going to bake for next?

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