Full Moon Halloween Marshmallows Tutorial for Hot Cocoa

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Make amazing Halloween hot chocolate with this easy tutorial for making full moon marshmallows.  


Cup of cocoa with a marshmallow that looks like a full moon, and a text overlay reading "how to make full moon halloween marshmallows for hot chocolate."

A cup of hot cocoa (made with our family favorite homemade hot cocoa mix) was always a welcome treat on cold Halloween nights. And marshmallows made the hot chocolate even better.  I knew I wanted to serve cocoa at the Bat Cavern Trunk or Treat, and I wanted to see if I could come up with an easy way to make the mug of Halloween cocoa even more festive.  Thus was the idea for the Full Moon Marshmallow born, but even I didn't imagine it would look so awesome!

They look shockingly realistic, don't they?  You won't believe how amazingly easy and fast they were to make!

Materials for making Halloween full moon marshmallows for hot chocolate.

Materials for Making Full Moon Bat Marshmallows for Halloween Hot Cocoa:

  • Extra large marshmallows (they REALLY big ones they have these days)
  • sharp knife
  • grey luster dust
  • fluffy, dry, food safe paint brush for dusting on the luster dust
  • black food coloring and a fine paint brush or a black food coloring marker

Round marshmallows being decorated to look like full moons with bats flying across in silhouette.

Cut each marshmallow in half, so they will float nicely round side up, and not tip over on to its side.

Use grey luster dust and the dry, fluffy paint brush to dab color randomly on the surface of the marshmallow to mimic the craters and shadows on the moon.  This is the same technique I used on my Full Moon Bat Cookies.

white cup full of hot chocolate, with a marshmallow that looks like a full moon floating in it.  Two more marshmallows beside the cup.

Paint bat silhouettes on the marshmallow moons using the black gel food coloring and the fine paintbrush, or draw on the bats using the food coloring marker.  I liked using the paintbrush; I could make smaller, more detailed bats with it.

Cup of Halloween hot cocoa with a marshmallow decorated like a full moon with bat silhouettes.

Marshmallow moons in space!  (or at least on my space wrapping paper).  Too bad I didn't think of this until after the lunar eclipse!

Hot cocoa with a marshmallow decorated to look like a full moon for Halloween.

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